"Easier and healthier"

SOLERA is equipped with a "Mirai-type" training environment called high-altitude training (low oxygen environment), which provides exercise effects that are approximately four times those of a flat ground environment (30 minutes of exercise here are comparable with 2 hours of normal environment ones). With the concept of "easier and healthier", we are particularly aiming to create a "gentle" and "comfortable environment" for people who have no experience in exercising, who are not good at exercising, or who do not know where to start. In addition, by making the best use of DX (Digital Transformation), enrollment and payment procedures, as well as entering and leaving is possible using only your smartphone . Avoid troublesome paper-based procedures done at conventional fitness gyms! We have also introduced a state-of-the-art posture analysis and body composition AI measurement system that can provide members with more than 2,000 types of exercise menus in just a few seconds.

SOLERA's Theme-Fusion of Old and New-

The origin of SOLERA is inspired by the "solera system": a method used for liquor blending. The solera system is a method consisting of pouring liquid from an old liquor barrel into other barrels, while gradually adding another certain amount from a new liquor barrel to blend its flavor, which brings up the meaning of "old and new fusion". Under the theme of this "fusion of old and new", we provide our members with both a smart fitness experience and the best space while adding new features, such as a new environment centered on high altitude training together with the latest technology. Aiming to be the best fitness gym, we will also continue to update it in the future.

For all of those who will come to SOLERA; You will be freed from the past fitness methods, you'll get a healthy life and you'll maintain it by moving your body, having a refreshing time, and discoverying friends who can enjoy exercising together with you. We will positively support you throughout your continuous fitness efforts for you to always be a better new person than your were yesterday.